The 2023 visual

For several years now, the Radio Meuh Circus Festival has been giving the keys to the artist of the previous edition to find the name of the next artist.

This unique format opens the door to new discoveries and constant surprises.

Here's what Sophy Hollington, the designer of the 2021 edition tells us about her choice:

"I chose Roberts because he has the unique ability to create lyrical works, beautifully composed and expertly executed, while giving a direct nod to the past, but remaining contemporary in his drive and confidence. I had no doubt that he would create a whole world for the festival and I am blown away by his creation."

Roberts Rurans

Roberts Rurans is an independent illustrator based in Riga, Latvia. His illustration style was first influenced by contemporary minimalism, then by modern art and its exaggerated forms.
He now reaches even further into the past to find inspiration in the heart of the Middle Ages, where intricate details and complicated compositions meet in images full of meaning and beauty.

So thanks to Sophy for this great connection and congratulations to Roberts for taking us exactly where we never thought we could go.