Circus Poster 2022

About Mambo

Flavien ‘Mambo’ Demarigny was born in Chile in 1969, from a French father and an Hungarian mother. He lives and works in Apt in the Luberon region close to our friends from the Festival Yeah!.

He grew up in Latin America (Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia) before moving to Paris and start his artist career in the mid-eighties. He became a creative mind by doing graffiti, paintings and installations, inspired by music and 80’s Pop and New Wave cultures. He was part of ‘La Force Alphabétick’ collective from 1986 to 1996, as well as ‘Le 9e Concept’ from 1999 to 2011. Mambo did intense graffiti mostly from 1985 to 1992 but always had a simultaneous studio practice.

Mambo studied at Les Gobelins Animation school for a brief moment before joining Ellipse Studio in 1990 and work there for one year, he then returned to Mural art. He spent many years working as professional muralist and became Sol LeWitt’s assistant in France for his Wall Drawings in 1994/95. His murals took him all over Europe (France, Italy, Spain, UK, Ceck Republic, Holland, Belgium) to India, Senegal, New York and Chicago. He also contributed the satyrical French TV show ‘Groland’ on Canal +, from 2002 to 2011.

Since 2009, Mambo is part of Pura Vida music label, where he collaborates with producer Guts by creating cover art for all albums and compilations, which are distributed by Heavenly Sweetness. On top of his Art Shows (see full list below), Mambo occasionally collaborates with other artists (Snoop Dogg, Laurent Garnier, Thierry Marx…) as well as brands (Prada, Moynat, Agnes B, Samsung, Vans, Paris St Germain…) to expand his vision and reach new audiences. His studio production was sporadic in the early years and became full time since 1998.

Photo présentation Mambo