Circus Festival

From March 30 to April 2, 2023

Previous editions

Laurent Garnier
Leone Jadis
Lucie Antunes
Voilaaa Soundsystem
The Buttshakers
João Selva
Charly & Scotch
Macadam Crocodile
Celia Wa
Souleance Live Band
Marina Trench
Ladies On Records
David Walters
Flavia Coelho Soundsystem
The Entourloop
Radio Meuh Boum Boum
João Selva
Murman Tsuladze
Flavia Coelho
Mambo Chick
Forgive us

The souvenir store

An original creation by artist Roberts Ruran for the 2023 edition of the festival, both a nod to the past and a dreamlike vision inspired by chapiteau and its magical mountains.

Seven exceptional tracks echoing the greatest live moments of these 10 editions of Radio Meuh Circus... A golden record for your turntables!

Since Mambo caught our eye, we asked him to do the poster... And he did! It's time to (re)make the wall, and the eyes of the Circus...

For those nostalgic for last year's trippy, shamanic visuals, artist Sophy Hollington is bringing out some rare copies of her displayed quadriptych!

About us

Perched in the mountains of La Clusaz and connected to its independent webradio, the Radio Meuh Circus Festival is above all an opportunity to discover quality artists in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, all at the foot of the summits.