Circus Festival
April 4 to 7, 2024
La Clusaz

The 2024 visual

The surrealist relay:

this is not a poster!

Rather than choosing a new poster designer each year, the task is entrusted to the previous year's artist. For 7 editions, a strange graphic path with multiple influences has taken shape: offbeat universes and colorful paintings, magical bestiaries and mystical characters, inspired typography, crazy and abstract art...

Not only is it carte blanche for the previous year's artist to choose the next one, but he also has carte blanche and a blank page to design the visual... Basically, we decide nothing, and they take care of everything! It's a creation, it's a folly, it's a delirium, it's a dinguerie... but this is not a poster.

La Boutique

Nostalgia and longing, fear and fascination are just some of the emotions awakened by Max's work and imagination.


An original creation by artist Roberts Ruran for the 2023 edition of the festival, both a nod to the past and a dreamlike vision inspired by chapiteau and its magical mountains.


Since Mambo caught our eye, we asked him to do the poster... And he did! It's time to (re)make the wall, and the eyes of the Circus...