"Sound and wine, fun and no more!
Five in-house creations to take the spirit of the Circus with you.

Poster Circus 2022 by Mambo


Since Mambo caught our eye, we asked him to do the poster... And he did! It's time to (re)make the wall, and the eyes of the Circus...

"In wine as in vinyl, good and then that's it...
It's always the first presses that are worth it!"

The Radio Meuh Circus vintage

Out of stock

Hand-picked, foot-trodden, bottled and labelled by us, the anniversary vintage of the Radio Meuh Circus Festival!

The Radio Moo & Friends Record


Seven exceptional tracks echoing the greatest live moments of these 10 editions of Radio Meuh Circus... A golden record for your turntables!

"Let's go to the turntables or to the table,
Let us see red with joy, for it is untouchable!"

The Super Cozna Apron

Out of stock

When you like to stick together, you often end up lifting them... For melted cheese or for Bondu's diots, for summer cooking or for winter aperitif, get dressed to do it!

Poster Circus 2021 by Sophy Hollington


For those nostalgic for last year's trippy, shamanic visuals, artist Sophy Hollington is bringing out some rare copies of her displayed quadriptych!