The 2024 visual

The surrealist relay:

this is not a poster!

Rather than choosing a new poster designer each year, the task is entrusted to the previous year's artist. For 7 editions, a strange graphic path with multiple influences has taken shape: offbeat universes and colorful paintings, magical bestiaries and mystical characters, inspired typography, crazy and abstract art...

Not only is it carte blanche for the previous year's artist to choose the next one, but he also has carte blanche and a blank page to design the visual... Basically, we decide nothing, and they take care of everything! It's a creation, it's a folly, it's a delirium, it's a dinguerie... but this is not a poster.

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Tango bravo circus,

Roberts has chosen Max!

Er, Roberts... who's Max? Max Loeffler is a freelance illustrator and art director based in Frankfurt. Since graduating in graphic design from the Hoschule Darmstadt* in 2017, he's been busy and thriving creating artworks in multiple media: album covers, concert posters, skateboards and other miscellaneous merchandising items, all wrapped up in the unique aesthetic of a surreal, parallel universe. Aside from these little details, he's best known for being an over-trained pasta glutton and an over-attentive, fusional parent (with his dog) and ocean lover who lives landlocked there!
*It simply means the University of Darmstadt, but it sounds better in VO. You know it yourself.

Er, Roberts... why did you choose Max?
"Max has this singular ability to create imagery with a surreal and intimidating aesthetic, which literally plunges you into a mystical universe, nourished by black magic and spectres, ancient sculptures and strangely animated bodies. Nostalgia and desire, fear and fascination, among other emotions awakened by her work and imagination."

Thanks to Roberts for his advice and to Max for his work, which deploys unique and trippy new imagery to leave us dreaming of sinking marquees and prog à dada!