Cotonete au Radio Meuh Circus Festival 2019


Since 2005, Cotonete continues the small dates before being spotted by Melik (owner of the excellent record store Heartbeat Vinyl) which convinces them to record an album. Cotonete continues the release of 3 maxis jazzfunk 70s influences, leaving the B face to the care of the remixers (Phil Asher, LX Hugo, Vox Low, Patrice Scott). Then comes the flagship club title of Cotonete, made in collaboration with Dimitri From Paris, the EP “Paribean Disco” is a real hit through all the festivals of the summer 2017.

Cotonete returns to the stage and collaborates with the famous Brazilian singer Di Melo during the summer of 2018. In February 2019 the album “Super-Vilains” finally released on the label “Heavenly Sweetness” and these 8 musicians are ready to defend it on stage.