Circus 2023 Poster by Roberts Ruran


An original creation by artist Roberts Ruran for the 2023 edition of the festival, both a nod to the past and a dreamlike vision inspired by chapiteau and its magical mountains.

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Artist chosen by Sophy Hollington, Latvian illustrator Roberts Ruran tells us about his inspiration for this poster:

"Four characters from medieval iconography (the centaur, the fairy, the mermaid and the troubadour) head to a high chapiteau to, once in a year, reverse the roles the time and give way to fantasy and imagination. Thus goes the balance of the world that since the dawn of time alternates order and rationality with subversion and chaos."

- Dimensions 40 x 60 cm

- Four-color offset printing

- Creative paper 250g

- Manufactured in Haute-Savoie by our partner Uberti-Jourdan

- Limited edition of 250 numbered copies

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