La Fine Equipe au Radio Meuh Circus Festival 2019

La Fine Équipe

Founded in 2008, La Fine Equipe quartet doesn’t need to be introduce anymore. With their trilogy of La Boulangerie, they conquered the planet and redefined the position of beatmaking on the french and international scenes.
Mix of very diversified influences and a certain modernity that can be find in their way to produce, La Fine Equipe has taken the seat of one of the most prestigious ambassadors of the independant French electronic scene.
They gonna play and present their new album on our stage.

Rising French electronic collective and label owners, La Fine Equipe, are pleased to announce details of a brand new visual for ‘What Eva’ ft. Mr. J. Medeiros released through Nowadays Records on December 12th.

Mr. J. Medeiros is an American rapper, record producer, and songwriter. As well as releasing music under the name, Mr. J. Medeiros, he is responsible for forming the Hip Hop group The Procussions, is one half of the Hip Hop/Electronic duo AllttA created with 20Syl (C2C, Hocus Pocus), and the lead singer of Punk-Rap group thebandknives.
On this track he gives us an effortless demonstration of a sharpened flow which is getting better and better through the years:
” Writing “What Eva” took me back to the boom-bap age of Hip Hop and gave me a chance to do some “braggadocio” raps while infusing it with my more current style through out, a mix of nostalgia and lyricism.”

The director detail the video:
“We wanted it to look like a 90s VHS that was put on the VCR. Part of the charm was its fuzzy, imperfect look so apparent during that era. ‘What Eva’ embodies a strong DIY ethos and we the band, did most of the filming ourselves using a small handheld camcorder. Everything was filmed on location in the supermarket. There are no 3D models.
The song and visual is also a homage to the strong visual elements often found in 90s music videos like Mc Solaar’s ‘New Western’ and French hiphop outfit IAM’s ‘Je danse le Mia’. There is a surreal sequence in the video where we are surrounded by a kaleidoscopic display of supermarket products.
To summarize, we had a complete blast filming this”.