Altin Gün au Radio Meuh Circus Festival 2019

Altin Gün

Meaning ‘golden age’ in Turkish, Altin Gün are prominent figures on the Anatolian rock scene, the moniker given to the 60s/70s psychedelic revival that is currently taking place in Istanbul. Formed by Jasper Verhulst and his friend Jacco Gardner, who were subsequently joined by singer Merve Dasdemir, guitarist Ben Rider, drummer Nic Mauscovic, Erdinc Yildiz Ecevit and Gino Groeneveld, the group’s power is derived from their love of the biggest Turkish rock stars of the 20th century: Erkin Koray, Barış Manço, Selda Bağcan and Özdemir Erdoğan, to name but a few.

Their first album, released on Swiss label Bongo Joe, is a pure distillation of all that makes Turkish psychedelic rock so unique and invigorating: sensually exalted vocals, beatnik instrumentation, traditional flourishes, sixties synths and a festive eastern feel. Put simply, the record is a crash course in the genre. Or, in other words, a fitting way to kick off the Carte Blanche Amsterdam programme.