Kampire au Radio Meuh Circus Festival 2019


Kampire Bahana the rising star of Uganda, known as Dj Kampire is an artist, a writer and an essential figure in Kampala and East Africa electronic music scene. Her music has an echo beyond the African continent and she has performed at Sonar festival in Barcelona and more recently in Brussels, at the French Festival Les Nuits Sonores.

Before heading to Asia where she will be performing, she took some time to sit down with us and gave an inside of the evolvement of the booming electronic music industry in Uganda and how she involuntarily got involved in Djing ten years ago. She acknowledges being among the first females in Kampala to DJ. Indeed, the audience is not often used to see a woman playing. “Look it’s a woman. I’ve never seen a woman play before, let me check it out for a sec”