Pedro Bertho

Sunday 4 April - 22h00

Somewhere between Brazil, Africa, percussions and euphoria lives Pedro’s music. With no distinction of genres and tempo, he plays everything that sounds good to the soul and the feet. With foundations on Brazilian, Regional/Roots and Afro music, he spices it with House, Italo and Funky flavours creating always a new atmosphere. In love with re- interpretation of songs/momentos. Expect for true connections and joy.

The Dj is considered part of the fresh generation of Brazil despite he’s already more than 10 years carrear. With a digging background and a true love for the vinyl culture, Pedro Bertho was able to share the stage with a lot of special artists like: Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Bixiga 70, Selvagem, Gop Tun Djs, Nação Zumbi, Valesuchi, Orpheu The Wizard, Laurent Garnier, Jamie Tiller, Nomade Orquestra, Mood II Swing, Cashu, Bufiman, Young Marco, Rich Medina, Tahira, Paulão, Tako, 2many Djs, Márcio Vermelho, Sheitan Brothers, Pablo Valentino …among others amazing artists.

Also, he has been sharing his music around in special venues and places like: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Lyon, Lisbon, Basque Country, and etc. Festivals like Nuits Sonores ,Baleapop, Yeah Festival, Xama Festival, Coala Festival, Mareh and etc. Patuá Djs crew member, he is also co-founder and resident of the “Domingo Disco Clube” with Selvagem label. A sunday event which celebrates the vinyl music culture.

Currently living in Lyon, France, he also runs his party/music label “Furie” with the Sheitans Brothers and Dj Paulão.